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County Services List

Commercial Septic Systems 913-715-6925 Health and Environment
Commercial Vehicles 913-826-1800 Treasury and Financial Management
Commission on Aging (COA) 913-715-8860 Human Services
Community Development Block Grant 913-715-8990 Community Development
Community Development Classes 913-715-7000 K-State Research and Extension
Community Developmental Disabilities Organization 913-826-2600 Developmental Supports
Community Emergency Response Team - CERT 913-782-3038 Emergency Management
Consumer Protection Unit 913-715-3003 District Attorney
Contractor Management System and Contractor Class Registration 913-715-2233 Contractor Licensing
Corrections Department 913-715-4542 Department of Corrections
County Budget 913-715-0605 Budget and Financial Planning
County Emergency Response Plan 913-782-3038 Emergency Management
County Waste Characterization Study 913-715-6900 Health and Environment
Court Services: Juvenile 913-715-7400 District Courts
Courts: Adult Drug Testing 913-715-7400 District Courts
Courts: Community Service Work Sites 913-715-7500 District Courts
Courts: Domestic Mediation 913-715-7400 District Courts
Courts: Higher Ground Program 913-715-7499 District Courts
Courts: Juvenile Drug Testing 913-715-7400 District Courts
Courts: Project SKIP 913-715-7400 District Courts
Courts: Supervised Visitation 913-715-7400 District Courts
Criminal Restitution 913-715-3000 District Attorney
Crops and Livestock 913-715-7000 K-State Research and Extension
CUEView: Utility Map Viewer 913-715-1600 Automated Information Mapping System
Curbside Recycling 913-715-6936 Health and Environment
Deaf Services: Mental Health 913-715-7700 V/TTY Mental Health
Dealer and Fleet Renewal 913-826-1800 Treasury and Financial Management
Developmental Supports (913) 826-2680 Developmental Supports
Developmental Supports: Employment Services 913-826-2626 Developmental Supports
Developmental Supports: Residential Services 913-826-2626 Developmental Supports
Disabled Parking Placard 913-826-1800 Treasury and Financial Management
Disease Containment Program 913-826-1303 Health and Environment
District Attorney's Office 913-715-3029 District Attorney
District Courts: Bad Checks 913-715-3325 District Courts
District Courts: Civil 913-715-3400 District Courts