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County Services List

Report Lost License Plates or Decals 913-782-0720 Sheriff
Report Stormwater Pollution 913-715-6900 Public Works
Reproductive Health Services 913-826-1200 Health and Environment
Research at the Library 913-826-4600 Library
Revaluation Property Reports 913-715-9000 Appraiser
Rider Alerts 913-782-2210 Transit - RideKC in Johnson County
Road Maintenance 913-715-8300 Public Works
Sample Ballot 913-782-3441 Election Office
Search & Purchase Plats 913-715-1600 Automated Information Mapping System
Search for Accident Reports 913-715-5460 Sheriff
Section 8 Housing Choice Voucher (HCV) Program 913-715-6600 Human Services
Sign Language Interpreting 913-715-8800 Human Services
Smoke Free Living in Johnson County 913-477-8384 Health and Environment
Soil Testing 913-715-7000 K-State Research and Extension
Solar Power 913-715-2200 Planning and Codes
Solid Waste Management Plan 913-715-5900 Health and Environment
Special Operations 913-715-1950 MED-ACT
Starting a Small Business 913-715-7000 K-State Research and Extension
Stormwater Management 913-715-8310 Public Works
Storytimes at the Library 913-826-4600 Library
Substance Abuse Care & Treatment 913-715-3035 District Attorney
Supervised Visitation Advocate 913-715-7566 District Courts
Survey & Mapping Records 913-715-8322 Public Works
Swimming Facility Complaint 913-715-6915 Health and Environment
T-Hangar Leasing 913-715-6000 Airport Commission
Tax Foreclosure Auction 913-715-1900 Legal
Tax Help & Forms 913-826-4600 Library
The 1950s All-Electric House Guided Tours 913-715-2550 Museum
Therapeutic Community: Adult Corrections 913-715-6477 Department of Corrections
Tools for Small Business at the Library 913-826-4600 Library
TRACE Program 913-715-5560 Sheriff
Traffic counts 913-715-8300 Public Works
Transferring Ownership 913-826-1800 Treasury and Financial Management
Tuberculosis Testing 913-826-1200 Health and Environment
UbiDuo communication device for the hearing-impaired at Human Services 913-715-8800 Human Services


Mon, 09/23/2019 - 5:30pm
Tue, 09/24/2019 - 5:30pm
Tue, 09/24/2019 - 5:45pm
Wed, 09/25/2019 - 9:00am
Wed, 09/25/2019 - 6:00pm
Thu, 09/26/2019 - 11:00am
Wed, 10/02/2019 - 6:30pm