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United Way Campaign

Campaign poster showing United Way campaign slogan Kansas City takes care of its ownWelcome to the 2019 United Way Campaign

A Message from Mary Beverly & Cindy Green, Co-chairs, 2019 United Way Campaign

It is our pleasure to serve as this year’s campaign co-chairs. This year, the campaign will run from September 27th to October 25th.

Each day, the work you do as a county employee helps shape the lives of the members of this community. We’re asking you to show your love for the Kansas City region by investing in the United Way.

One donation — your donation — benefits our entire community. And it benefits people throughout their lives, at the times when they need help the most.

We invite you to make a donation to the United Way of Greater Kansas City as an employee of Johnson County Government and a member of this community.

Here are some of the results achieved by United Way of Greater Kansas City last year:

Connecting our neighbors with support services that fit their needs.
Preparing the next generation for career and life success.
Financial Stability
Providing programs and educational resources for economic wellness.
19,866 children and adults received treatment and support for trauma and abuse. More than 9,300 children and youth participated in programs related to post-secondary and career success. Nearly 400 people were placed in jobs by United Way's Financial Opportunity Centers.
210,000 households had their immediate crisis needs met through emergency assistance. More than 62,000 young people benefited from social/emotional learning through after-school programs and mentoring. 6,921 people engaged in 1-1 financial coaching, counseling or case management.
More than 138,000 people received health services. 90% of children in early learning centers demonstrated kindergarten fitness. More than 229,800 households received food assistance.

United Way Resources

Johnson County Resources

United Way Clothing Barrel Locations

  • North Central Multi Service Center | Lenexa
  • Antioch Park Administration Building | Merriam
  • Northeast Offices | Mission
  • New Century Fieldhouse | New Century
  • Sunset Building | Olathe
  • Department of Health and Environment | Olathe
  • Mental Health | Olathe
  • Public Works | Olathe
  • Administration Building | Olathe
  • Arts & Heritage Center | Overland Park
  • Shawnee Mission Park Administration | Shawnee
  • Mill Creek Activity Center | Shawnee

What your gift provides

Johnson County United Way Ambassadors

These people represent each department and will be sharing more about awards, a competition between the deputy and assistant county managers and their department teams and more in the coming days.

Department Name
Airport Commission (AIR) Aaron Otto
Appraiser's Office (APR) Rebecca Fuller
Budget & Financial Planning (BFP) Jenny Cox
Corrections (COR) - Administration Terri Hildreth
Corrections (COR) - Field Services Shannon King
Corrections - Adult Residential Center Joshua Ferris
Corrections - Juvenile Services Center Natalie Melvin
County Managers Office (CMO) & Audit Rene Murphy
District Court Trustee (DCT) Nicolette Bennett
Developmental Supports (JCD) Melissa Reeves
Developmental Supports (JCD) Kate Martinez
District Attorney (DAT) Don Hymer
District Court Administrator (DCA) Nicolette Bennett
Election Commissioner (ELC) Nathan Carter
Emergency Mgmt. & Communications (EMC) Susan Neff
Facilities (FAC) Kari Kiger
Health & Environment (DHE) Vicki Howerton
Health & Environment (DHE) Cara Anderson
Health & Environment (DHE) Stacey Stroh
Human Resources (HRD) Becky Miller
Human Services (HS) Jennifer Manka
JIMS Lee Baldwin
Library (JCL) Amy Barclay
Legal (LGL) Allyson Balliett
Med-Act (EMS) Adiel Garcia
Mental Health (MNH) Beth Barbour
Parks & Recreation (PRK) Lacey Fisher
Parks & Recreation (PRK) Kathryn Renner
Parks & Recreation (PRK) Audrea Griggs
Planning, Development and Codes (PLN) Pamela Hayhow
Public Works & Infrastructure (PWK) Kelly Stull
Records & Tax Administration (RTA) Pam Johnson
Sheriff's Office (SHR) Captain Deb Cooper
Sheriff's Office (SHR) Mark Weaver
Technology & Innovation (DTI) Tara Sanchez
Treasury & Financial Mgmt (TFM) Ashley Wehr
Wastewater (JCW) Amber Sibla
JoCo Government, DHE Director (INT) Beverly, Mary
JoCo Government, CMO Chief of Staff Green, Cindy
JoCo Government, HRD Director (INT) Hentschel, Tiffany
JoCo Government, CMO Senior Exec. Assistant Naster, Debbi
United Way of Greater Kansas City Connelly, Ashle