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BOCC update

Board of County Commissioners update

More information including official minutes, votes and videos on all items is available at boccmeetings.jocogov.org.

The Board of County Commissioners resumed meeting in the Hearing Room on Thursday, June 11, 2020 at 9:30 a.m. To prevent the spread of COVID-19, social distancing will be observed, and limited seating will be available in the hearing room during meetings, with additional limited seating in the adjacent lobby with audio available. A live broadcast will be available at boccmeetings.jocogov.org and on Facebook Live. Public Comments will be accepted. Persons wishing to speak during Public Comments will need to sign in by 9:25 a.m. before the meeting begins and will be called upon to speak in the order in which they signed up. Anyone wishing to speak to a specific item on the Business agenda will need to sign in before that item is read into the Record.

Persons who may need assistance, the use of a sign language or oral interpreter, or who require special accommodations, should contact 913-715-0430, at least two (2) business days prior to the meeting.

BOCC actions for July 9, 2020

  • Authorized an exception to competition and approving a service agreement renewal for psychosocial rehabilitation and crisis intervention services with FosterAdopt Connect, in an amount not to exceed $100,000, for one (1) twelve (12) month contract period ending June 30, 2021 per Administrative Policy and Procedure #110.180.A.16.
  • Authorized the acceptance of funds from the State of Kansas Coronavirus Relief Fund under the terms and conditions stated in the resolution for the acceptance, expenditure and accounting of said funds.
  • Approved a 2020 NACo (National Association of Counties) Voting Delegate and an alternate delegate for the virtual Annual Business meeting of Monday July 20, 2020 at 1p.m.
  • A motion to rescind last week’s authorization of the governor’s order mandating facemasks in Johnson County was added to the agenda and was not approved.
  • A motion to allow commissioners to attend its meetings by Zoom during the pandemic was added to the agenda and was approved.

COVID-19 updates

COVID-19 Funding and Expenses Report, Penny Postoak Ferguson, County Manager

The weekly COVID-19 Operating Report, detailing COVID-19 specific expenditures and funding received is available here. To date the organization has identified $2,680,834 in costs which are eligible for CARES act reimbursement and received $119,124,781 in federal funds.

COVID-19 update Dr. Sanmi Areola, Johnson County Department of Health and Environment Director

Johnson County currently has 2,633 positive cases 47,627 negatives, 92 deaths (77 deaths in LTCF, or 84%) and a 5.3% positive percentage. We have 975 presumed recovered. More information is available on our dashboard.

Appointment-based testing continues Monday through Friday in Olathe and has been extended to people without symptoms. The next drive-thru testing event takes place on July 10 at Gardner Edgerton High School. At our drive-thru testing event in Leawood on June 26, 986 individuals tested with 25 positive cases identified. More information is available in this report.

Discussion on Governor's Executive Order No. 20-52 Requiring masks or other face coverings in public/Attorney General's Instructions, Joe Connor, Assistant County Manager

The Board discussed the Attorney General’s guidance to prosecutors and law enforcement regarding the mask mandates. A news release on this topic with a link to the guidance is available here.

The BOCC held an afternoon Committee of the Whole to hear County Manager Penny Postoak Ferguson’s proposed FY 2021 budget. You can access the presentation at this link and additional information here.

Agenda items planned for the July 16 agenda

  • Consider authorizing a Memorandum of Understanding (MOU) between the Board of Directors of the Johnson County Library and the Johnson County Office of Treasury and Financial Management for the provision of payroll services for 2020.
  • (Sitting as the Governing Board of Fire District No. 2) Conduct a public hearing and consider approving the Fiscal Year 2021 budget as proposed and approving Resolution No. 2020-1 authorizing a levy of property taxes in support of the budget for Johnson County Fire District No. 2 for FY 2021
  • Consider approving and authorizing a real estate purchase contract with 56 HWY LLC, Inc., for property acquisition of approximately 72 acres of land located east of New Century AirCenter in the amount of $3,900,000 and the purchase of approximately 42 acres of land and a residence totaling $2,591,502.94 from the Stricker Family and to authorize the reallocation and use of County General Fund reserves in an amount not to exceed $6,491,502.94 to fund the initial purchase.
  • Consider approving adopting a revised Economic Development Incentives Policy for New Century AirCenter and Repealing the Economic Development Incentives Program adopted on December 20, 2012.
  • Consider holding a public hearing for the purpose of receiving public comment and testimony on the proposed amendment to the FY 2020 Budget and consider adoption of Resolution No. 040-20 amending the FY 2020 budget for the General Fund to accept CARES Act funding in the amount of $116,311,033.60.
  • Consider authorizing an exception to competition and approving a service agreement for respite care services with KVC Behavioral Healthcare, Inc. in an amount not to exceed $100,000, for a twelve (12) month contract period ending June 30, 2021 per Administrative Policy and Procedure #110.180.A.16.
  • Consider authorizing a contract change order with SAK Construction, LLC for additional manhole rehabilitation work required under the CMSD CO19 Collection System Rehabilitation and Repair (Authorization #10) in an amount not to exceed $167,005.88, increasing the total contract to $1,317,558.72.
  • Conduct a public hearing to authorize funds for the construction phase of the Wastewater Facilities Electrical System Improvements Project (CMSD-Contract 27) in an amount not to exceed $7,361,000, increasing the total project authorization to $8,041,000, and consider granting the necessary utility easements to Evergy at the New Century Air Center Wastewater Treatment Plant and the Belinder Pump Station.
  • Consider authorizing a contract with Crossland Heavy Contractors, Inc. to construct the Wastewater Facilities Electrical System Improvements Project (CMSD-Contract 27) in an amount not to exceed $5,139,000.
  • Consider a request from Brett Manifold, applicant, and Kent and Lori Price, landowners, for a Preliminary Plat for five residential lots to be known as Brinlyn Ridge, on 76 acres, on property zoned RUR, Rural District, located at 30600 W. 143rd Street.
  • (Next week, item will be considered to be moved to the Aug. 6 business session) Consider a request from David W. and Julie D. Secrist, applicants and landowners, for Conditional Use Permit approval, with a five (5) year term, for a private kennel on approximately 7.6 acres, in Section 15, Township 15, Range 25, Johnson County, Kansas, located at 21150 Country Place Lane.