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BOCC update

Board of County Commissioners update

More information including official minutes, votes and videos on all items is available at boccmeetings.jocogov.org.

BOCC actions for the week of January 20, 2020

The BOCC voted to authorize the following items:

  • A contract with Gunter Construction Company, Inc. to improve ADA compliance for parking lots located at the Johnson County Northeast Office (NEO), 6000 Lamar Avenue and the North Central Multi-Service Center (NCMSC), 12425 W. 87th Street in a total amount not to exceed $128,035.
  • A request from Butler National Corporation, applicant, and Johnson County Airport Commission, landowner, for Final Development Plan approval for construction of an airplane hangar and an office addition to an existing airplane hangar, on approximately 3.0 acres, in Section 17, Township 14, Range 23, Johnson County, Kansas, located at 1 Aero Plaza.
  • The termination for convenience of the contract with Custom Data Processing, Inc. for electronic medical records systems for the Health Department, and authorized the County Manager to take such actions as may be necessary to terminate the contract and to resolve any contract issues.

A look ahead for the week of Jan. 27

Below is a look at the BOCC calendar for next week. Details on the meetings are available at https://www.jocogov.org/calendar-created/month?field_event_type_tid=4224&date=2020-01

BOCC weekly calendar

These are the current items on the Jan. 30, 2020 BOCC agenda:

  • Consider granting the necessary utility easements to Water District No. 1 and Evergy at the Tomahawk Creek Wastewater Treatment Facility site.
  • Consider authorizing a contract with Welligent, Inc. to provide IDD Electronic Health Records (EHR) software, at a cost of $160,000 and annual support and maintenance at $130,000 for four (4) one (1) year terms with a total amount not to exceed $680,000; and to authorize the use of reserves of $192,000 for the year 2020.
  • Consider approving enlargement of the Consolidated Main Sewer District (Mill Creek No. 1, Contract 3) and conduct a public hearing to authorize funding for the sewer improvement design and bid phase in an amount not to exceed $172,300.
  • Consider authorizing an agreement with K&W Underground Inc. to upgrade and repair fiber optic infrastructure along North Ridgeview Road in Olathe, in an amount not to exceed $311,296.53, per the City of Olathe Agreement #15-4100.
  • Consider implementing adjustments to fixed route service resulting from the 2018 Comprehensive Operations Analysis. A federally required public comment period will take place before the adjustments are put into place.