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Automated Information Mapping System

Shannon Porter
AIMS Supervisor

AIMS stands for Automated Information Mapping System and is a group in the Department of Technology & Innovation within Johnson County government. AIMS was initiated by the Board of County Commissioners in the mid-1980s. The major reason for establishing AIMS was to enable the county to meet the rigorous mapping and documentation requirements of the complete property reappraisal mandated by the Kansas State Legislature. AIMS has since grown into a highly integrated support and service department within the county.

AIMS is also a Geographic Information System, or GIS. A GIS is a computerized system for managing large amounts of information that is geographically referenced or related to a location. In other words, a GIS is a smart map. By combining locational information with tabular information, GIS provides users the ability to make informed decisions with improved efficiency at less cost. AIMS enhances this ability by making the county's maps and data available online. GIS is used in many arenas including emergency management and response, property appraisal, public works, health services, and economic development. To learn more about GIS, visit the GIS.com website.

The mission of AIMS is to provide open, efficient, and enterprise access to spatial data at a reasonable cost to aid stakeholders in making more efficient and effective decisions. Ultimately, these decisions add value to the quality of life that our stakeholders have come to expect. To accomplish this mission, AIMS applies sound GIS principles with quality spatial data and effective distribution technologies to put AIMS services at the disposal of our stakeholders.