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Board of County Commissioners

Phone: 913-715-0430

111 S. Cherry St., Suite 3300, Olathe, KS 66061

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Former Commissioners

The Board of County Commissioners is comprised of seven members, a chairman and six district commissioners. Prior to seven members it was a five-member board, including a chairman appointed annually and four district commissioners.

Former Chairs:

1978 - Robert C. Bacon
1979 - John J. Franke, Jr.
1980 - Clay L. Wirt
1981 - Robert C. Bacon
1982 - Johnna Lingle
1983 - William E. Franklin
1984 - Bruce R. Craig
1985 - Janet D. Leick
1986 - Kent E. Crippin
1987 - Johnna Lingle
1988 - William E. Franklin
1989 - Bruce R. Craig
1990 - Murray L. Nolte
1991 - Danny Hosfield
1992 - Johnna Lingle
1993 - Sue E. Weltner
1994 - Bruce R. Craig
1995 - Annabeth Surbaugh
1996 - Elaine Beckers-Braun
1997 - Johnna Lingle
1998 - David C. Wysong
1999 - George R. Gross
2000 - Annabeth Surbaugh
2001 - Douglas E. Wood
2002 - Susie Wolf
2003 - Annabeth Surbaugh**
2011 - Ed Eilert
** First countywide elected Chairman of the Board under the auspices of the Home Rule Charter.

Former Members:

District No. 1

1861 - W. B. Maupin
1862 - A. H. Sheeds
1864 - D. M. Williams
1868 - B. Hollenback
1870 - William H. Brady
1872 - Thomas Douglass
1874 - J. E. Bernard
1876 - L. F. Watts
1878 - Thomas Douglass
1879 - C. Zehring
1885 - David Hunt
1888 - P. G. Cross
1891 - A. N. Edgington
1894 - Lewis W. Breyfogle
1897 - W. S. Speer
1903 - J. E. Young
1907 - Robert Baker
1911 - A. J. Calvert
1915 - J. W. Jones
1927 - B. F. Stanton
1931 - Louis O. Krumm
1947 - H. M. Beckett
1949 - Martin J. Ziegler
1959 - Carl Standiford
1967 - Rex F. Price
1975 - William B. Stringer
1975 - Clay L. Wirt
1981 - Jeffrey P. Hillelson
1983 - William E. Franklin
1989 - Sue E. Weltner
1996 - David C. Wysong
1999 - Gary A. Anderson
2003 - C. Edward Peterson
2015 - Ronald L. "Ron" Shaffer

District No. 2

1861 - A. Payne
1862 - G. W. Roberts
1864 - Evan Shriver
1866 - W. C. Smith
1868 - John Brady
1872 - J. B. Marshall
1874 - J. H. Hibbard
1878 - T. G. Stephenson
1883 - D. P. Hougland
1892 - Samuel McPherson
1898 - I. H. Segate
1901 - S. W. Allison
1909 - Harry King, Sr.
1913 - W. W. Anderson
1917 - George Ellis
1921 - Wyatt E. Hayes
1929 - J. O. Johnson
1937 - J. S. Steed
1941 - Ollie Turner
1945 - George Russell
1957 - Herman F. Higgins
1961 - Harry King, Jr.
1965 - Kenneth J. Heard
1969 - Victor W. Kearns, Jr.
1973 - John J. Franke, Jr.
1981 - Johnna Lingle
2001 - Susie Wolf
2005 - John Segale
2009 - Jim Allen

District No. 3

1861 - Leonard Bradbury
1862 - E. Mason
1865 - Thomas Hogan
1866 - C. L. Dille
1868 - John Fulcher
1870 - H. W. McClintock
1874 - V. R. Ellis
1876 - Alex Miller
1878 - Thomas Pearce
1881 - A. Fritz
1887 - R. R. Moore
1890 - I. D. Hibner
1896 - C. K. Dow
1899 - John T. Cramer
1905 - John W. Perkins
1909 - Joe Hibner
1913 - F. M. Gordon
1917 - W. T. Turner
1921 - C. W. Skinner
1925 - Fred Thomas
1929 - Frank Moore
1935 - Ollie Turner
1937 - L. R. Penner
1953 - Clyde L. Curry
1957 - Harry King, Jr.
1961 - Herman F. Higgins
1969 - Robert R. Davis
1977 - Robert C. Bacon
1985 - Kent E. Crippin
1990 - Danny L. Hosfield
1993 - Annabeth Surbaugh
2003 - David A. Lindstrom
2013 - Steven C. Klika

District No. 4

1983 – Janet D. Leick
1986 – Joan Bengtson
1987 – Murray L. Nolte
1994 – Elaine Beckers-Braun
1998 – George R. Gross
2003 - Dolores Furtado
2007 - Ed Eilert
2011 - Jason Osterhaus

District No. 5

1983 - Bruce R. Craig
1998 - Douglas E. Wood
2011 - Michael Ashcraft

District No. 6

2003 - John M. Toplikar
2009 - Calvin Hayden
2013 - John M. Toplikar

Board Chairman

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Chairman Ed Eilert


Ed Eilert

[email protected]

Chairman's message

As a resident of Johnson County and Overland Park for more than five decades, it is my honor to serve as your elected chairman of the Johnson County Board of Commissioners for a third term after serving as 4th District commissioner for four years.

It is the goal of the Board of Commissioners to diligently serve the citizens and visitors of Johnson County by addressing all issues and concerns in a timely manner. One way we do this is by continually striving to find better ways to deliver the services our residents have the right to expect and deserve. Your input concerning issues and concerns before the board is important in assisting me, as your chairman, and my fellow commissioners in making the best decisions.

This webpage and the webpages of the six district commissioners are another example of how we are reaching out to our residents and making your county government more accessible, transparent and accountable. So whether you are seeking information about public services or checking the date of the next commission meeting, we hope that you will always think to check our website first and stay informed.

Chairman's areas of focus

County projects

Term information

  • Third term as chairman expires 2023
  • Second term as chairman, 2015 to 2019
  • First term as chairman, 2011 to 2015
  • First term as commissioner for 4th district, 2007 to 2011

Board/committee assignments as chairman


Under the auspices of the Home Rule Charter, the chairman is elected by popular ballot to a four-year term of office, thereby assuming the position of highest authority in Johnson County Government as its chief elected official.

As the chief elected official, the chairman represents the entire community. Functioning in a capacity similar to that of a city mayor, the chairman is thus responsible for ensuring that all laws, policies and regulations applicable to the operation of Johnson County Government are faithfully enforced and for providing leadership in the development of a future vision for the Johnson County community. The chairman serves as a focal point for the articulation and resolution of important community issues and he communicates the community's priorities at local, regional, state and national levels.

The chairman’s duties can be divided into three broad categories, which are listed below.

  • Presiding officer of the governing body: With the gavel in hand, the chairman presides over the proceedings of the Board of County Commissioners, preserving order and, more importantly, ensuring that the majority is able to transact the business of the county government while at the same time protecting the right of the minority to be heard. It is in this capacity that the chairman serves primus inter pares, or "first among equals," in a collection of dynamic elected leaders.
  • Chief elected official and administrative oversight: As chief elected official, the chairman collaborates with community leaders and stakeholders to identify, prioritize and develop policy proposals aimed at enhancing and improving the quality of life enjoyed by Johnson Countians. The chairman, being elected to represent the entire community, is thus responsible for the general activity of the county government and the effectiveness of its operations.
  • Ambassador of Johnson County Government: The chairman is the official representative of the Johnson County government, serving in a dual role as the organization’s principle spokesperson and as a public advocate.

About the chairman

I share a bond by calling Johnson County, and Overland Park, my home for more than 50 years. Your input concerning issues before the Board is important in assisting the commissioners in making the best decisions.

For most of my adult life, I have dedicated myself to public service at the community level, spanning 28 years as an Overland Park City Councilman (four years) and 24 years as mayor, as well as four years as Fourth District Commissioner. My commitment is to work hard and do the very best I can as your chairman to continue that opportunity, not only for those who reside here today but also for future generations.

Johnson County's excellent schools were the magnet that attracted me to come to Johnson County in 1965 when I moved to Overland Park from Emporia, Kansas, where I lived while teaching business classes at Lebo High School. I came to the county to become a business teacher at Shawnee Mission East High School. A year later, I left teaching to pursue my longtime career as a financial consultant.

Johnson County provides an excellent quality of life and remains a jewel that deserves good stewardship, wise leadership, constant respect and close attention to residents' voices on important issues that affect their lives. Public safety and criminal justice, public works, transportation, human services, taxes, cooperation between local governments and job opportunities are some of the challenging community issues that must be addressed by the Board of County Commissioners. Successfully addressing these challenges will require being accessible and responsive to my constituents and receiving their thoughts and opinions.

6th District Commissioner

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Commissioner Mike Brown


Mike Brown

[email protected]

Commissioner's message

The 6th District includes the bulk of Johnson County’s unincorporated area that stretches to the southern and western county lines. It is an area marked by the traditions and hallmarks of original small towns. Approximately 40 percent of the county’s 477 square miles remains unincorporated, even though Johnson County’s population has passed the half-million mark. In addition to the rural area, the 6th District includes the communities of Gardner, De Soto and Edgerton, along with the western portions of the city of Olathe. The district also includes the townships of Gardner, Lexington, McCamish and Olathe.

Commissioner's areas of focus

6th district and county projects

Term information

  • First term expires 2021
  • First term, 2017 to present

Board/committee assignments as county commissioner

About the Commissioner

Mike Brown is a lifelong Kansan in a family tree with eight generations of Kansans. He has been a tireless public servant for more than two decades and now proudly serves the western half and southwest corner of Johnson County.

The 6th District includes the cities of Gardner, Edgerton, De Soto and western Olathe, along with the Olathe, Gardner, Lexington and McCamish townships.

Originally from Wyandotte County, Commissioner Brown and his parents, Gideon Brown and Sherry Keltner, moved to Shawnee where he graduated from Shawnee Mission Northwest High School in 1987. He then attended Johnson County Community College and Kansas State University.

Brown is general managing partner of Brown Midwest — a residential development, construction and real estate business founded in 1996.

In addition to his professional career, Commissioner Brown has served as a member of Johnson County’s Park & Recreation board, chairman of the reappraisal advisory committee, and member of the courthouse advisory panel, Vision 2030 committee, Heritage Trust Fund and Class-B contractor (commercial and residential) for Johnson County Contractor Licensing.

His core competencies include:

  • Leadership
  • Business and personnel management
  • Strategic and critical thinking
  • Interpersonal relationship building
  • Political relationship-building and negotiations
  • Situational awareness and management
  • Organizational skills
  • Construction management

Throughout his professional involvement, Commissioner Brown has demonstrated a genuine commitment to public service through volunteer advocacy for the Homebuilder’s Association of Greater Kansas City (KCHBA), an organization he has been involved with since 1996. Brown was elected to the Builder’s Hall of Fame of the KCHBA in 2012 and received 13 “Parade of Homes” honors in nine years. He served as a board member on the National Association of Homebuilders for 11 years.

Brown has served on the Kansas Workforce Development Board (KansasWorks), Kansas City Area Development Council and advisory board for First National Bank of Johnson County.

Commissioner Brown hopes the traits, insights and experiences gained in his years as a businessman and in community service have afforded him a greater understanding of the issues important to his constituents in the 6th District and residents of Johnson County.

He has made fiscal accountability a personal priority as he works to ensure the delivery of quality services and essential programs of Johnson County Government, including public safety in all communities and for all residents.

He and his wife, Kristi, have five children. The family lives in Olathe.

5th District Commissioner

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Commissioner Michael Ashcraft


Michael Ashcraft

[email protected]

Commissioner's message

I am honored to serve the residents of eastern Olathe and Lenexa south of 87th Street Parkway. The 5th District is the heart of Johnson County, and I appreciate your interest in your local government and look forward to hearing about your interests, concerns, ideas and views on how I can better serve the 5th District and the Johnson County community as a member of the Board of County Commissioners.

Commissioner's areas of focus

  • Evidence (Performance) based decision making
  • Value based program management

5th District and county projects

Term information

  • Third term expires 2023
  • Second term, 2015 to 2019
  • First term, 2011 to 2015

Board/committee assignments as county commissioner


  • Ashcraft & Associates, Principal
  • ETC Institute, Senior Transformational (management) Consultant 2009-Present

About the commissioner

Commissioner Ashcraft works as a consultant with various organizational management teams applying over 20 years of experience working with state and local governments and private sector companies. He served with the Illinois Auditor General's Office before creating the expanded scope audit function for the City of Tulsa, OK and serving as the first legislative post-audit City Auditor for Scottsdale, AZ. Later, he was Comptroller for the Oklahoma Turnpike Authority, he also served as Team Leader of the Education Committee charged with re-engineering statewide education efforts for the Oklahoma Governor's Performance Improvement Team.

From 2000 to 2008, Mr. Ashcraft was the Organizational Effectiveness Consultant with the city of Olathe. He led award-winning community based strategic planning efforts for Olathe in 2000 and 2003. He also developed and led an award winning facilitation program which received recognition both regionally and nationally.

Currently, as the Principal of his own firm (Ashcraft & Associates) and a Senior Consultant with ETC Institute, Ashcraft offers tailored consulting services for public and private sector leaders who are concerned about people and process issues. He employs a wide variety of techniques and tools acquired throughout his diverse career to enable leaders to meet the challenges they face while building relationships and improving performance. Ashcraft focuses on enhancing attitude, aptitude and altitude for individuals, groups and communities.

Ashcraft earned a Master's Degree in Public Administration from the University of Alabama and studied public administration at the University of Kansas (2009-2010).

4th District Commissioner

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Commissioner Janeé Hanzlick


Janeé Hanzlick

[email protected]

Commissioner's message

The 4th District is a vibrant and unique place. It is the only district located completely within one city (Overland Park). The district includes a variety of residential communities, two outstanding school districts, four major hospitals, the Sprint campus, Stoll Park, Johnson County Arts and Heritage Center, Johnson County Community College, and numerous corporate and retail businesses.

As the 4th District Commissioner, I am committed to addressing challenges and securing lasting and meaningful improvements to our lives in Johnson County. I want to ensure that Johnson County remains an outstanding place for all people to live and raise families, and where businesses can flourish and enrich our local economy.

Commissioner's areas of focus

4th District and county projects

Term information

  • First term expires 2023
  • First term, 2019 to present

Board/committee assignments as county commissioner

About the Commissioner

Janeé Hanzlick was elected in 2019. She is the former CEO of SAFEHOME, Johnson County’s domestic violence agency, where she spent 20 years working for a safer, stronger community. She was a leader in implementing the Johnson County Lethality Assessment Program (LAP), a collaboration between the District Attorney’s Office, law enforcement and SAFEHOME, that significantly reduced domestic homicides in our county. At SAFEHOME, she also oversaw two successful facility expansions that doubled the agency’s capacity. She served as a key spokesperson to the Kansas Legislature on issues related to funding and legislation impacting victims of domestic violence and their children in Johnson County.

Other experience includes serving as the past president of the Johnson County Community Violence Action Council (COMVAC), current president of the Overland Park Rotary Club, graduate of 2007 Leadership Overland Park, and graduate of the Overland Park Citizens’ Police Academy.

Commissioner Hanzlick has a master’s degree in social work (MSW) from The Catholic University of America, Washington, DC, and she is a licensed master social worker (LMSW) in Kansas.

Commissioner Hanzlick and her husband of 32 years, David, reside in the Sylvan Grove neighborhood in Overland Park. They are the proud parents of two adult children, Margaret and Amelia, who are Shawnee Mission South graduates.

3rd District Commissioner

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Commissioner Steve Klika


Steve Klika

[email protected]

Commissioner's message

Welcome to the Johnson County’s 3rd District webpage where you can review my efforts in effectively representing the needs and interests of the 3rd District, my performance as a member of the Board of County Commissioners and my service to my constituents.

I am excited to have the opportunity to work with you as your 3rd District representative and to work tirelessly on your behalf on projects such as the repositioning and development of the Arts & Heritage Center and the opening of an advance voting site at the Hilltop Conference Center.

There is always a lot going on in Johnson County, especially in the 3rd District, and I want you and all Johnson County residents to be well informed about everything that affects our district and our community. In doing so, I appreciate your interest in and interaction with county government, and I encourage you to actively engage with your community. That’s because I believe that, working together, we can and do make a positive difference in the development and quality of life that define our community. Please do not hesitate to contact me.

Commissioner's areas of focus

3rd district and county projects

Term information

  • Second term expires 2021
  • First term, 2013 to 2017

Board/committee assignments as county commissioner

Commissioner Klika has also served as

  • Blue Valley School BEST & CAPS Advisory Board
  • Kansas City Area Transportation Authority Representative representative and past chair
  • Past president and chairman of Global Passenger Network
  • Co-chair of Johnson County’s transportation strategic plan development task force
  • Board member of the Kansas City Convention and Visitors Association
  • Board member of the Blue Valley Educational Foundation
  • Past board member of SafeHome

About the Commissioner

Commissioner Klika has served on the Blue Valley Board of Education since 2005, including being board president during the 2009-10 and 2010-11 school years and board vice president during the 2007-08 and 2008-09 school years. He did not seek re-election in the 2013 Spring Election.

Also in 2005, he was appointed to the Board of Directors for Johnson County Transit, serving as chair for several years, and was named a member of the Kansas City Area Transit Authority, including serving as treasurer.

Klika is a partner with KA Associates. Prior to that he was president of Adkore Staffing Mega Force in Overland Park and president of the International Motor Coach Group, Inc. in Overland Park.

Klika holds a Bachelor's of Administration from Oklahoma State University and a Master of Business Administration degree from Oklahoma City University. Klika and his wife, Amber, have three children — Marcus, Katie and Brady. The family lives in Overland Park.

2nd District Commissioner

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Vice Chairman Jim Allen


Jim Allen

[email protected]

Commissioner's message

I am proud to serve as your 2nd District Commissioner. The 2nd District is defined by flourishing communities and neighborhoods, award-winning schools and a vibrant business community. The cities of Shawnee and Lake Quivira and the northern half of Lenexa are included in the 2nd District, along with a small southeast portion of Bonner Springs.

Commissioner's areas of focus

2nd district and county projects

Term information

  • Third term expires 2021
  • Second term, 2013 to 2017
  • First term, 2009 to 2013

Board/committee assignments as county commissioner

About the commissioner

Commissioner Jim Allen is a 2nd District native – born and reared in Shawnee where he continues to work and live.

He attended elementary and secondary school at Saint Joseph Catholic Church, where he has been a lifelong member, and received degrees from Johnson County Community College (AA degree in 1971), Emporia State University (B.A. degree in 1973), and Rockhurst College (MBA degree in 1978).

Allen retired after serving as a State Farm Insurance agent for 37 years. He served as mayor of Shawnee from 1993-2004 and represented Ward 1 on the Shawnee City Council from 1989-1993 and Ward 4 from 1983-1987.

He has served as chairman of the Board of Directors for the Shawnee Chamber of Commerce. He also was a Grand Knight in the Shawnee Council Knights of Columbus from 1984 to 1986.

Allen and his wife Julie have four sons — Zack, Josh, Nick and Justin, and three grandchildren — Abby, Reese and Flynn.

1st District Commissioner

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Becky Fast

Contact Me Here

Commissioner's message

I am excited to serve as your 1st District Commissioner. My door is always open. I want to hear what services are important to you and what services we can improve upon to meet the challenges that Johnson County faces in the next years. The 1st District includes Fairway, Merriam, Mission, Mission Hills, Mission Woods, Prairie Village, Roeland Park, Westwood, Westwood Hills and northern Overland Park and portions of Leawood.

Commissioner's areas of focus

1st district and county projects

Term information

  • First term expires 2023
  • First term, 2019 to present

Board/committee assignments as county commissioner

Commissioner Fast has served the community on various other boards

  • Mid-America Regional Council Bicycle-Pedestrian Advisory Committee
  • Mid-America Regional Council First Tier Suburbs Coalition 
  • National League of Cities Community and Economic Development Committee​​

About the Commissioner

Becky Fast has a long history of public service and commitment to the county. She served two terms on the Roeland Park City Council and was elected unanimously to serve as council president. She is a graduate of the Johnson County Citizens Academy and the Northeast Johnson County Chamber leadership training program. She has participated in the Shawnee Mission School District MVP program, volunteering in her neighborhood schools.

Other experience includes directing public policy research at the University of Kansas, working closely with the Kansas legislature. She also served as the director of constituent services for former Congressman Dennis Moore. In that role, she helped cities in northeast Johnson County access federal funds to improve storm water management and the Turkey Creek Streamway conservation and trail corridor. Commissioner Fast has a master’s degree in public administration and social work from the University of Kansas.

ADA accommodation request


If you plan to attend a Board of County Commissioners meeting and need an American Sign Language (ASL) interpreter or other Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA) accommodation, please use this form to let us know what reasonable accommodation you need.