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Developmental Supports

Mark D. Elmore Center

10501 Lackman Road, Lenexa, KS 66219

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Case Management

The JCDS case management team is comprised of degreed, experienced professionals, who are dedicated to empowering individuals to lead enriched, interdependent, healthy, safe and choice-driven lives. We take pride in providing responsive customer service, arranging for an extensive variety of individualized services, and developing close working relationships with each person and their support network of family, employers, teachers, and service providers.

Case Managers provide support and assistance to the individual with the developmental disability, their guardians, and families to

  • Discover the person’s lifestyle preferences, strengths, skills, behavioral, health, safety, and resource needs.
  • Identify and access resources and opportunities needed to increase independence, productivity, inclusion and integration.
  • Develop a person centered plan to meet personal goals and support needs.
  • Evaluate the implementation of the person’s plan and their satisfaction with services and supports.
  • Monitor services for quality, responsive, and individualized supports.

JCDS provides targeted case management services to children and adults with a developmental disability and with all types of disabilities and levels of support needs. If you have JCDS Case management, you may choose to receive your other services by any service provider licensed with the State of Kansas and affiliated with the Johnson County CDDO. It is your choice! JCDS case managers also provide independent living counseling for individuals in the Medicaid WORK program, and a private pay option for individuals who are not eligible for Medicaid.

Clinical Supports

JCDS offers a variety of clinical services and supports necessary for people with disabilities to maintain health. The Clinical Support staff, consisting of one Registered Nurse, two LPNs and one Nursing Support Specialist, focuses on the health and wellness of individuals supported by JCDS. Clinical Support staff actively seek to curb the development of serious health concerns by monitoring preventative care for persons supported. Clinical Support staff support individuals served in accessing medical and pharmaceutical supports in the community. They also provide direct oversight and training for direct support staff in caring for individuals with complex physical health challenges such as feeding tubes, colostomy bags, or chronic conditions such as diabetes. Clinical Support staff oversee the administration of more than 45,000 doses of medications each month.

Community Behavioral Health Team

JCDS has partnered with Johnson County Mental Health on an innovative approach to serving people with a dual diagnosis of I/DD and mental illness. The two agencies have created a Community Behavioral Health Team. The CBHT consists of four members who are all cross-trained on mental health and I/DD systems and service methods. Three have completed training with the Kansas Institute for Positive Behavior Support and the fourth is a therapist (LMSW, LMA). The CBHT has helped to decrease the need for more intensive forms of support such as hospitalization. 

The specialists of the CBHT work with individuals who are dually diagnosed, as well as their families and support staff, to develop a plan for positive interventions when challenging behaviors occur. CBHT specialists then support all involved in successfully implementing that plan. Other supports offered through CBHT include crisis interventions, therapy and assistance with finding community resources and training of I/DD professionals.

Residential Services

Whether "home" means living in a house or an apartment, living alone or with others, JCDS provides just enough supports for each resident to live their own productive life as independently as possible regardless of how much or what kind of support is necessary for each resident. Those individualized supports vary from one person to the next and may include comprehensive, on-site staff support 24 hours per day in their homes, or as little as a few hours a day for a couple of days per week. As is typical for everyone, each person’s support needs likely will change over time, either in need of less staff support or greater staff support. No matter the case, JCDS seeks to remain a constant partner as the person’s needs evolve over time, assisting them to achieve the lifestyle they desire in the mainstream of our Johnson County community.

While many participants in JCDS residential services obtain and prefer their own housing arrangements, many have relied on the affordable and accessible houses owned by the Friends of JCDS. The Friends of JCDS is their landlord, while JCDS Residential Services provides daily supports to the residents of those homes. It is a unique and successful partnership between the residents, their landlord, and their human service provider.

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