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Address Search Utilities
Phone: 913-715-1600

AIMS offers three unique tools to query the Johnson County address database to locate and validate Johnson County addresses. The Desktop and Online Utilities... more

Bike Racks and Route Map
Phone: 913-477-8120

Ride your bike to a Johnson County building and find the best bike route to get there... more

CUEView: Utility Map Viewer
Phone: 913-715-1600

CUEView provides map access to utility information in Johnson County including service areas, easements, capital improvement plans, and a collection of... more

Hardcopy Maps
Phone: 913-715-1600

One of the best ways to communicate an issue or problem is through a map; maps are a highly visual tool for decision making. AIMS can make a map of virtually... more

Johnson County Online Mapping
Phone: 913-715-1600

Create a plot plan, view an aerial photo of a property, research the traffic flow at an intersection, or download a plat amongst many other things. more

Mapping Classes & Training
Phone: 913-715-1600

AIMS offers complementary training classes geared toward the use of our Online Mapping applications. Classes are available for both the general public and for... more

Maps: Subscription Services
Phone: 913-715-1600

myAIMS is a complete Internet Web Portal that provides access to applications geared toward viewing, querying and downloading spatially referenced information... more

Parks & Recreation: Trail Guide
Phone: 913-438-7275

Get Your Johnson County Park & Recreation District Trail Guide today! To receive a Trail Guide of hiking and biking trails in Johnson County, please visit... more

Plat Search Utility
Phone: 913-715-1600

Provides access to data about recorded plats (i.e. PlatID, name, book/page, year platted, #units) including the ability to view and download an unlimited... more

Printed Map Books
Phone: 913-715-1600

The Subdivision Map Book is a bound document containing a grid network which is used to locate Subdivisions in Johnson County. In the map book, subdivisions... more

Search & Purchase Plats
Phone: 913-715-1600

AIMS offers users several options when searching recorded plats in Johnson County. Public access is available with limited free downloads, while a subscription... more

Survey & Mapping Records
Phone: 913-715-8322

Johnson County Public Works led the way in establishing a county wide survey control network. Our network consists of 69 horizontal control points and 938... more

Traffic counts
Phone: 913-715-8300

Find traffic count information, including maps, links and procedures. more

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