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Courts and Justice

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Please verify that a warrant is active before taking any action by contacting your local law enforcement agency or Johnson County Department of Corrections at... more

Visit the District Courts website to find service information on adult supervision, drug testing, community service, bond supervision, pre-sentence... more

The diversion program is intended to give a "second chance" to offenders who commit a relatively minor criminal offense. Diversion is a privilege and not a... more

The Johnson County Department of Corrections Adult Residential Center is a 398-bed, community-based facility that provides a highly structured environment for... more

If you observe what you believe to be suspicious or criminal activity, report it here anonymously and law enforcement will check it out. If you need to make an... more

If you observe what you believe to be illegal drug activity, report it here anonymously and it will be checked out. If you need to make an official police... more

If a bad check has been passed in Johnson County and the passer is identified, the District Attorney's Office may be able to assist the merchant in prosecution... more

Online case information provided by the District Court Trustee. Login required. more

While a juvenile is in the custody of the Kanas Department of Corrections(KDOC) Juvenile Services Division he/she will be assigned a case manager who is... more

Obligors who do not make support payments as ordered may be served with an Order to Appear for Failure to Pay. Service is generally attempted through the... more

Mediation is a series of meetings between parents conducted with a trained professional mediator who helps resolve a problem, usually about child custody or... more

Under Kansas law, when a child is removed from the home and placed in State custody, the court is required to enter a child support order against one or both... more

The consumer protection unit educates consumers and addresses complaints by consumers against area merchants. more

Volunteers support juvenile and adult clients who are experiencing life’s challenges while also working to keep the community healthy and safe. Volunteers must... more

The purpose of Juvenile Court Services is to assist the court in providing the offending youth with an opportunity to become socially responsible, individually... more

Individuals placed on probation or bond supervision are required to submit to drug screens as directed by their Court Services Officer (CSO). If you have... more

A full list of community service work sites in the Kansas City Metropolitan area. more

Mediation for separated or divorced parents uses an impartial third party who assists parents in making decisions regarding their children. more