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Board of County Commissioners

Phone: 913-715-0430

111 S. Cherry St., Suite 3300, Olathe, KS 66061

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board of county commissioners

The legislative powers of Johnson County Government are vested in a seven-member Board of County Commissioners, which exercises its authority to ensure the general health, safety and welfare of the public. The Board has been given exclusive powers to enact, amend and repeal local legislation, to levy taxes and to make appropriations, to adopt budgets, and to make appointments to certain offices, boards and commissions.

County Chairman


Ed Eilert
913-715-0500 | Bio | ed.eilert@jocogov.org

Becky Fast

1st District Commissioner

Becky Fast
913-715-0431 | Biobecky.fast@jocogov.org

Second District Commissioner

2nd District Commissioner and Vice Chairman

James (Jim) P. Allen
913-715-0432 | Bio | jim.allen@jocogov.org

Third District Commissioner

3rd District Commissioner

Steven C. Klika
913-715-0433 | Bio | steve.klika@jocogov.org

Janeé Hanzlick

4th District Commissioner

Janeé Hanzlick
913-715-0434 | Bio | janee.hanzlick@jocogov.org

Fifth District Commissioner

5th District Commissioner

Michael Ashcraft
913-715-0435 | Bio | michael.ashcraft@jocogov.org

Sixth District Commissioner

6th District Commissioner

Mike Brown
913-715-0436 | Bio | mike.brown@jocogov.org

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