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Mental Health

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It's Okay if You're not Okay Podcast


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Episode: 3

It's Okay if You're not Okay podcast: Chinese food might have a legislative agenda

Join Keith, Kate and Renee as they fight off their craving for Chinese food in the third episode of It's Okay if You're not Okay. They reflect on #WhyCare, this year's theme for Mental Illness Awareness Week (Oct. 6 - 12) and the biggest barriers for individuals seeking mental health service. Spoiler alert: Some of those barriers are public policy. Read the full transcript.

Episode: 2

It's Okay if You're not Okay podcast: How to find a loophole on a podcast

Keith, Kate, Josh and Renee each take on the challenge of picking the one thing they want the community to know about suicide prevention. Of course, Kate finds a loophole. This episode is in honor of National Suicide Prevention Awareness Month, which is observed each September. Read the full transcript of this episode.

Episode: 1

It's Okay if You're not Okay podcast: The Backstreet Boys don't like Josh

Keith, Kate, Josh and Renee kick-off the new podcast from Johnson County Mental Health Center by sharing the creative works that have most shaped their perspective on mental health and the human experience. Oh, and the Backstreet Boys don't like Josh. Read the full transcript.

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