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Call Center Phone: 816-221-0660

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RideKC Freedom: Fares

Regular Fare

The regular RideKC Freedom (formerly The JO Special Edition) fare is based on “as the crow flies” mileage and is $5.20 per one-way trip that is 10 miles or less, $6.20 per one-way trip that is 10.01 to 20 miles and $7.20 per one-way trip that is 20.01 or more miles . Return trips will be separate fares. Trips outside the service area (for medical/dental appointments only) will be charged each way using the mileage rate.

Miles Traveled | Cost Per One-Way Trip

  • 0 - 10 miles = $5.20
  • 10.01 - 20 miles = $6.20
  • 20.01 + miles  = $7.20


JCT offers RideKC Freedom passes that may be purchased in amounts of $32.00, $52.00, $62.00 and $72.00. These passes are in increments of 10-punches of the most common ride fares. For example, the $62.00 pass is the equivalent of 10, $6.20 ride punches. A separate 10-zone ticket is available for $7.50 to reduced fare riders to cover the zone fare for trips outside of Johnson County. All tickets are non-transferable and non-refundable and may only be used by approved RideKC Freedom riders. Should a RideKC Freedom rider use a pass, the ride fare will be deducted from the pass in one “punch” increments. For example, if a ride fare is $5.20 and the rider provided a $32.00 10-punch pass, the driver would punch the pass two times in order to cover the $5.20 ride fare. No change or refunds will be provided.

Passes are available for purchase online, and added to the above prices will be a 3% credit card surcharge, shipping and handling fee. Please allow 5-7 business days for delivery. RideKC drivers do not sell RideKC Freedom passes; passes are available for purchase on-line (credit only) or by mailing a check to:

Johnson County Transit
1701 West 56 Highway
Olathe, Kansas 66061

On RideKC buses, please have the exact fare, a pass, or a check for each one-way trip. Drivers do not carry change and will not accept credit cards. Passengers are required to pay each time they board a vehicle. Aides travel free of charge if there is a physician’s statement on file at the JCT office that states the rider requires assistance when traveling. JCT will issue the rider an Aide ID for use by the individual assisting the rider. (Note: Aides are not provided by JCT, they must be provided by the rider.) RideKC Freedom will not bill riders nor will the drivers accept checks for a round trip.

Fares for transportation provided by 10/10 Taxi will be the same as rides provided by RideKC vehicles. 10/10 Taxi will accept cash, passes and credit cards but will not accept checks.

Reduced Fare

Residents who qualify for the reduced fare program pay $3.20 per one-way for trips within Johnson County and $3.20 per one-way plus 75¢ per zone for trips outside of Johnson County. See the Service Area/Zone Map for zone listings.

Reduced Fare Income Guidelines

To determine qualification for the reduced fare program, refer to the table below. The monthly income for appropriate household size is the maximum income allowable to be eligible for low-income status.

Household Size | Monthly Income

  • 1 = $1,225
  • 2 = $1,650
  • 3 = $2,075
  • 4 = $2,500
  • 5 = $2,925
  • 6 = $3,350
  • 7 = $4,719
  • 8 = $5,250

Applications for reduced fare must include proof of all household income. Household is defined as all persons who are related and living under the same roof, such as parents, children, siblings, and extended family members. This includes adult children living with their parents; in this situation, the parents’ income statements as well as applicant’s income statement must be submitted to determine eligibility for reduced fare. If an applicant does not qualify financially but otherwise qualifies, the application will be processed as regular fare for RideKC Freedom.