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Water Resources

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Issues permits to install and operate non-residential sewage treatment systems where property owners are not served by a public wastewater collection system... more

The lab is accredited for fluoride, lead, nitrate, nitrite and total coliform analysis in drinking water.  These parameters are typically used to determine... more

All food service facilities require evaluation and permitting by JCW for their potential to discharge fats, oils and grease to the sanitary sewer system.   JCW... more

Johnson County Wastewater’s Industrial Pretreatment Program (IPP) regulates wastewater discharge from industries to prevent toxic and harmful substances from... more

Issues permits to public and semi-public swimming pools that have adopted the Johnson County Environmental Sanitary Code.  Licenses or certifies pool operators... more

Find an on-site septic system installer, designer or pumper who has been licensed by Johnson County for residents and businesses owning on-site septic systems... more

JCDHE licenses installers and designers of private sewage treatment systems regulated under the Johnson County Environmental Sanitary Code, as well as the... more

To acquire a building permit for a single-family residential building or for a multi-unit residential building, where each unit in the building has a separate... more

The Residential On-Site Program issues permits for private sewage treatment systems where property owners are not served by a public wastewater collection... more

Stormwater management is the effort to analyze, understand and address stormwater runoff from a water quantity and water quality perspective. It is the... more

Investigates complaints made against swimming facilities located in cities that have adopted the Johnson County Environmental Sanitary Code. Please submit... more

Johnson County Wastewater's Backup Prevention Program provides funding to eligible homeowners for the installation of backup prevention devices or to make... more

Visit Johnson County Wastewater's commercial billing webpage for information on procedures for obtaining a credit for water use not entering the sanitary sewer... more

Save time and money by paying your wastewater bill automatically. Direct Debit makes paying your wastewater bill much easier and there's no transaction fee. To... more

Johnson County's prosperity is strengthened by reliable and sustainable infrastructure, which includes wastewater networks with the capacity to support the our... more

To begin the process of applying for a Residential permit, visit www.mygovernmentonline.org to create an account.  All applications and the issuance of the... more

Plant tours are available at several sanitary sewage treatment facilities. more

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